Experts in Medical PR

Experts in Medical PR

Healthcare is an industry that is forever changing, whether it is in the form of legislation, new technologies and techniques or new challenges faced by the clinicians in both the NHS and private practice.

Healthcare PR, no matter how complicated or in depth the message, can readily portray the correct, positive message to the media with a carefully constructed campaign aimed at providing the market place with information and education.

Leaders in promoting innovation

Leaders in promoting innovation

Benetimo Health work in partnership with providers and professionals to protect and develop new innovations in healthcare, innovations that will lead to improved patient care and increased success rates. These vary from initial ideas to more complicated research projects.

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Specialists in Web Design...

Specialists in Web Design...

Our experienced team of website designers and copywriters have over 30 years of experience of healthcare in the UK.

We design custom built, unique and beautiful websites for multi devices by tying in our passion for perfection, new design and customer satisfaction.

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Social Media

As part of any business, social media is becoming more and more prominent. The ability to select and interact with such a focused market is the type of advertising businesses have long been searching for.

With the platforms now available not only providing a visual sales tool but also in many cases providing a thorough source of education and information, it is now an ideal time to look at the merits of all forms of social media to see which one may fit your business or practice.

Social Media is a marathon, not a sprint. It is about building and maintaining real relationships with key audiences. It is for you to share your knowledge and imperatively, ensure that you are perpetuating a 2 way dialogue, and are listening attentively to what your audience is saying.

As such, social media takes considerable time and needs a focused and constant level of attention.

In this instance it is suggested that in order to establish a social media presence, Twitter and Facebook profiles are firstly created and developed. Thus enabling a later move into other social networking sites such as YouTube and Pinterest and the possible development of a blog.

Engagement - Engage your customer base, increase company/brand awareness, build customer loyalty & build personal relationships with your customers.

  • We can help spark engagement through a variety of techniques and unique approaches to regular posts.
  • Make your audience feel valued & reinforce that they are an integral part of your service. We shall be tweeting/ replying etc to your followers to aid audience engagement.
  • Opening a 2 way dialogue, in asking questions & then listening to what your followers have to say is a great way to get direct 1 to 1 information & ultimately learn from your audience.

Customer Service - This applies to all social media platforms... In this technology-focused age, people are more likely to pick up their smartphones & send you a tweet etc, rather than call you directly to ask a question/give you their feedback. Our constant focus & attention to your social media presence, as well as consulting with yourselves in our response, allows for timely management of audience interaction.

Monitor Your Industry - We can help you see how the competition are utilising Social Media, track and monitor relevant ‘hashtags’, lists, accounts etc and discover what the day’s industry talking points are & engage in conversation with your followers, and others in your sector. By keeping abreast of breaking news/the latest ‘trends’ in your area of expertise, we can build up your reputation as a reliable, ‘in the know’ source.

Create Traffic - By engaging users on other platforms & forming connections throughout them, as opposed to viewing them as separate entities. Think of your followers as a very powerful network, it takes time but if you thoroughly engage with them and create relationships, you increase your chances of them actually taking notice of you when you decide to tweet a link to your new blog post, or website.

Insights, Monitoring & Analytics - Communications need to be targeted and conversion-focused. Through a combination of Social Networking Platforms individual platform insights, overall data analysis, strategic thinking and planning, we aim to achieve a discernible Social Media ROI and ensure your social media campaigns are able to evolve and adapt to audience requirements.

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