Experts in Medical PR

Experts in Medical PR

Healthcare is an industry that is forever changing, whether it is in the form of legislation, new technologies and techniques or new challenges faced by the clinicians in both the NHS and private practice.

Healthcare PR, no matter how complicated or in depth the message, can readily portray the correct, positive message to the media with a carefully constructed campaign aimed at providing the market place with information and education.

Leaders in promoting innovation

Leaders in promoting innovation

Benetimo Health work in partnership with providers and professionals to protect and develop new innovations in healthcare, innovations that will lead to improved patient care and increased success rates. These vary from initial ideas to more complicated research projects.

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Specialists in Web Design...

Specialists in Web Design...

Our experienced team of website designers and copywriters have over 30 years of experience of healthcare in the UK.

We design custom built, unique and beautiful websites for multi devices by tying in our passion for perfection, new design and customer satisfaction.

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Events and Promotions

The type of event or promotion will ultimately depend on the healthcare sector you are in.

More recently than ever new technologies, techniques and products have been introduced to the UK public and it is vitally important to portray the correct message.

We are experienced in providing healthcare events and promotions to the UK public and also to the professionals within the industry. Our aim is to work with our clients to accurately and professionally deliver the agreed product which may be a new piece of medical equipment to the market, a new service or simply a business looking to break into a market sector. Our experience and contacts within the healthcare sector allow us to provide the right audience for the right client.

We work with large event teams should this be necessary but often find that the smaller, focused audiences are the most successful.

Promotions will often fall underneath the larger umbrella campaign for the healthcare client and we will expertly integrate this to sit alongside the missions and goals for each campaign. No new product or service is too large or too small and we believe that the in the same principles for each one.

To deliver a successful campaign by using events and promotions will only add to the increased awareness and success of a brand, visual stimulation is often key to achieving our goals.


As part of the growing requirement for an online presence and the need to connect and interact with clients and patients video is now widely regarded as a successful medium.

Our team work with the highest class of medical videographer in order to give an accurate and complete visual aid to allow any site browser the opportunity to learn and understand about the product.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • GP Practices
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Non surgical treatments and procedures
  • Surgical procedures
  • Individual consultants
  • Working practices

We believe that it is vital to set yourself apart from your competitors and everything we do as a business is driven toward that aim. Video is a medium that will not only be linked to an existing site or used as an educational tool but also linked to various high profile video sharing websites such as You Tube to widen the target base considerably.

Our process consists of initial meetings to discuss the idea followed up with written confirmation of the location, timescales, procedure and subject and finally the shoot. The video will be edited professionally and included will be contact details, website addresses, relevant information and selling tools if required.

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