Experts in Medical PR

Experts in Medical PR

Healthcare is an industry that is forever changing, whether it is in the form of legislation, new technologies and techniques or new challenges faced by the clinicians in both the NHS and private practice.

Healthcare PR, no matter how complicated or in depth the message, can readily portray the correct, positive message to the media with a carefully constructed campaign aimed at providing the market place with information and education.

Leaders in promoting innovation

Leaders in promoting innovation

Benetimo Health work in partnership with providers and professionals to protect and develop new innovations in healthcare, innovations that will lead to improved patient care and increased success rates. These vary from initial ideas to more complicated research projects.

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Specialists in Web Design...

Specialists in Web Design...

Our experienced team of website designers and copywriters have over 30 years of experience of healthcare in the UK.

We design custom built, unique and beautiful websites for multi devices by tying in our passion for perfection, new design and customer satisfaction.

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New technology - room fogging and disinfection systems for healthcare

1 Jun 2020

Turner Hygiene Solutions, a client of Benetimo Health and based in Northern Ireland, have been supplying room fogging and disinfection systems and technology to the food industry in the UK and Europe for many years. As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, together with their colleagues in Holland, they adapted their technology to design and manufacture a mobile fogging system for use in the Healthcare sectors.

Their mobile unit is ideal for completely disinfecting individual rooms, wards, doctors practices, and can also be used in ambulances or patient transfer vehicles, for quick disinfection and turnaround after patient transfer. The process of surface disinfection is normally undertaken by hand using disinfection wipes which is very time consuming and does not guarantee effective disinfection success.

We note with interest the BBC National News reported a news story of Friday 15th May, that trials were being undertaken by scientists at Porton Down, using prototypes of our technology in automatically disinfecting ambulances. The prototype shown in the report is exactly the type of equipment they already manufacture with successful units in operation in Holland and Belgium. Their product is available for dispatch on receipt of order within 7 days.

An adaption of this product is available for safely de-robing PPE for healthcare professionals. This product disinfects users using a misting spray for 30 secs max to prevent possible airborne transmission when PPE is being removed, before being discarded safely for disposal. The product is available for dispatch on receipt of order within 7 days.

THS have a disinfection solution already in place which uses hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. They also have a specialist UV sterilisation mobile unit which is also designed to sterilise individual wards, rooms etc.

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